British Airways is one of the largest airlines in the world, serving five airports in Canada and providing travellers with access to exciting locations in 130 countries around the globe and is a popular choice for international travel.

Like any airline, however, these flights are subject to unexpected delays and cancellations. In fact, issues related to excessive delays with this airline have frequently made headlines. If you find yourself needing to file a British Airways claim for an excessive delay or cancellation, knowing what information you need to provide is essential for getting the reimbursement you deserve.

So what information do you need to file your British Airways claim? The following items are absolutely essential when filing a complaint through

1. Original Flight Information

First, you’ll need to supply information regarding your original travel plans. Start with your flight number and booking confirmation, as well as the date your flight was originally supposed to leave. You will also need to submit the departure and return airport for your flight. makes it easy to find the correct airports for your flight by loading suggestions based on what you type in. Simply select the three-letter code that matches your airports.

In addition to the details related to the flight that was delayed or cancelled, you should also submit information regarding any connecting flights that may have been a part of your itinerary. A delay that directly impacted your ability to catch a connecting flight will typically be subject to greater reimbursement amounts.

2. Details Regarding the Problem

The next step is to submit details relating what type of problem you experienced. A flight delay, cancellation or rescheduling can significantly impact your travel plans, and in some cases can cause you to miss out on a desired vacation or scheduled business meeting altogether. If you were still able to take a flight to your destination, you should also submit your original scheduled time of arrival and your actual time of arrival.

These small details can make a huge difference in your British Airways claim. The company’s policy is to offer compensation when flights are delayed by more than 5 hours, or when a traveller is delayed at their final destination by more than 3 hours.

The reasons why you experienced your travel problems can also play an important role in your claim. Most delays and cancellations are the result of situations within the airline’s control — such as overbooking, mechanical issues, and so on. Even something like a sick crew member could result in unexpected delays. In these situations, you are entitled to compensation from the airline — especially if you did not receive advance notice regarding the travel issue.

3. Personal Information

Naturally, in addition to the details regarding the problems you experienced with your flight, you’ll need to provide basic personal information to confirm that you and those traveling with you were actually affected by the delay or cancellation. As such, you will need to submit the names, birthdates, and genders of those in your travel group, as well as any additional booking reference numbers or e-document numbers.

Finally, to ensure that you receive your reimbursement check and are able to be kept in the loop regarding the status of your British Airways claim, you will need to provide a mailing address, telephone number, and email address. This information is not used for marketing purposes — it is purely dedicated to helping you resolve your claim as quickly and effectively as possible.

By keeping track of all relevant travel information and carefully documenting everything related to your delay or cancellation, you’ll be able to quickly file your claim and have a successful collections process.

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