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Cancelled Flight

On flights to or from Canada, it’s not uncommon for a flight to be cancelled. Can you file a claim for a cancelled flight? What should you do if other damages result from this?

Flight Cancellation Compensation Claims

On flights to or from Canada, it’s not uncommon for a flight to be cancelled. We’ve all read the dreaded announcement, “flights cancelled today due to weather.” Can you file a claim for flight cancellation compensation? What should you do if other damages result from this? Should that be taken into consideration in your flight cancellation compensation claim? What happens in the event of flight ticket cancellations?


What the law says about flight cancellation compensation

  • Actually, except for European flights, flights to or from Canada have no obligation for carriers to offer flight cancellation compensation.
  • Airlines generally do not offer flight cancellation compensation in the event of flight cancellations.
  • Passengers are sometimes (though not always) offered a meal voucher and a night at a hotel instead of appropriate flight cancellation compensation.
  • For flights from Canada with any airline that is not an EU community carrier, each dispute over flight cancellation compensation is handled on a case-by-case basis


What the law says in Europe and the United States pertaining to flight cancellation compensation

For all flights from Europe and all flight to Europe with a community carrier, you can get a flight cancellation compensation up to 600 Euros (around $900) as stipulated in Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004.

This outlined flight cancellation compensation applies to every passenger, regardless of their nationality. The regulation also requires that a written document outlining the flight cancellation compensation amounts be submitted to travellers in the event of flight cancellations.

In the United States, according to the law, any flight cancellations on an international line entitles passengers to:

  • flight cancellation compensation in an equivalent amount or,
  • a higher flight cancellation compensation offer in vouchers
  • a detailed written explanation of this flight cancellation compensation

What to do when a flight is cancelled and how to file a claim

For passengers who encounter difficulties navigating the administrative procedures, relying on a specialist will let them save time obtaining their flight cancellation compensation.

A concrete example

Your flight from Montréal to Paris is first delayed then cancelled and postponed until the next day. You miss your best friend’s wedding. Upon exiting the aircraft, the next day in Paris, the airline gives you a letter explaining the reason for the delay: mechanical issues were the cause.

Surprised that you weren’t offered flight cancellation compensation, you call the airline, which immediately offers you 100 Euros of compensation in cash or a 200 Euro voucher. You accept the first option. Later, you learn that you could have gotten much more.

Don’t be like 98% of travellers.

Claim your flight cancellation compensation!

Some airline companies will try to evade the application of the law by providing travel vouchers or invoking exceptional circumstances rather than offer flight cancellation compensation. They are counting on you to NOT know what to do when a flight is cancelled!

To make sure you’re receiving the flight cancellation compensation to which you’re entitled under the law while saving time, money, and energy, trust!

Good to know

In case of a dispute over flight cancellation compensation it’s possible to obtain mediation from the CTA (Canada Transportation Agency). A passenger facing a carrier alone may find the procedures discouraging. Some companies won’t hesitate to take up to 8 months (on average) to reimburse you for your flight ticket cancellations. Don’t embark on this difficult process alone, we’ve got your back, and will take care of all the details for you.

You have 3 years to claim