Delayed flights are often an annoyance that can create both travel and monetary setbacks. When you have to deal with a delayed flight, one of the first questions that come to mind is how am I going to be compensated for this? Flight delays are problems that cause major hiccups for passengers. Understanding this, airlines such as Air France have established compensation policies for flight delays and other occurrences.

If you intend to fly via Air France, consider reviewing the air france compensation policies for flight delays.

Flight Delays and Compensation

Air France offers compensation to their passengers for flight delays and cancellations. It is required by law for Air France to compensate their passengers when there is a delay or cancellation that they as the airline could have controlled. Therefore, you as a consumer of Air France are entitled to some form of compensation for the inconvenience caused by a flight delay.

In order to receive due compensation for a flight delay, Air France does require that your claim meet certain parameters to be considered for compensation. Typically, to qualify for flight delay compensation via Air France a flight has to be delayed for at least 2 hours. Also, the flight delay must be caused by something within the control of Air France. Thus, inclement weather is usually not eligible for delayed flight compensation because the weather is not something that Air France can control.

Compensation Details

When it comes to the specifics of delayed flight compensation, it is important to know the details in their entirety. Air France provides compensation for delayed flights only when the delay is something that Air France can control. Furthermore, flights must be delayed for at least 2 hours to be considered for delayed flight compensation. There is the option of obtaining reimbursement for the untraveled portion of a flight or for the part of the journey that was previously traveled if you decided to return to your first point of departure if your flight is delayed for 5 or more hours.

Some of the other forms of compensation for delayed flights include:

  • Hotel accommodation if the delayed flight results in an overnight stay
  • Meals and snacks
  • Pre-paid phone calls and/or two free emails or faxes

Monetary compensation is also available as part of Air France’s delayed flight policy. In order to qualify for compensation, your flight must be delayed for at least 3 hours. You can choose to be compensated via check, bank transfer, or via a transportation credit voucher. You may be eligible for a 600 euro cash compensation. Compensation amounts vary and are based on the distance traveled. To determine amount you might be eligible for, it is often best to contact a flight claim service, such as

Compensation Process

If you are interested in submitting a claim for delayed flight compensation, you have to complete the necessary paperwork. Compensation for delayed flights is not completed at the airport. You can seek the help of a flight claim service, such as, to begin the application process. Whether you are seeking reimbursement for a portion of your flight or requesting monetary compensation for a delayed flight, they will be able to guide you through the whole process.

Air France will thoroughly review your claim to ensure that it meets all requirements for flight delay compensation. It may be necessary for you to present additional paperwork at Air France’s request to determine if you thoroughly qualify for flight delay compensation.

If you are a frequent flier of Air France, consider reviewing the flight delay compensation policies closely. As a consumer, it is important for you to know what you are due when it comes to flight delays.

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