After experiencing a delay or cancellation that disrupts travel plans, receiving compensation as quickly as possible is a top priority for many travelers. While many airlines offer refunds for cancelled or delayed flights, for many people, this doesn’t make up for the other costs associated with missed vacations or business travels.

Of course, navigating the claims process isn’t always easy. Where do you send your flight delay claim form? How can you know if your claim is being processed or not? Thankfully, makes it easy to manage this process from beginning to end.

Where Should I Send My Flight Delay Claim Form?

To put things simply, airlines don’t always make it easy for you to get additional compensation for a cancelled or delayed flight. While most airlines are willing to provide a refund for your tickets during these situations, they also hope to avoid the extra costs of providing additional compensation to your travel group.

Because of this, the easiest method of ensuring your flight delay claim form gets to the right place is to go through To get started on your claim, you are only required to fill out a short form, providing key details regarding your flight and the type of delay or cancellation you experienced.

After you’ve submitted the essential information via this online form, Flight Claim takes care of the rest, reaching out to the airline on your behalf while also acquiring other relevant pieces of information from you that will allow you to receive compensation (such as your ID, your ticket, and any communications from the airline). Most importantly, with in-depth knowledge of Canadian travel regulations, Flight Claim ensures that airlines will actually respect your claim.

How Can I Find Out the Status of My Claim?

Once your flight delay claim form has been submitted, you may be understandably anxious regarding the status of your claim. After all, no one likes to be left in the dark when monetary compensation is involved!

It’s important to remember that patience is sometimes necessary during the claims process. While some airlines respond in as little as two or three days, others can take up to six weeks. When a compensation claim is rejected, Flight Claim’s legal team then performs an evaluation to see if additional legal action can be taken. While legal filings can help you receive compensation even after an airline rejects your claim, this process can take anywhere from six months to a year to be fully resolved.

Because of this, trying to keep track of your claim status can be a time-consuming and mentally draining task. Therefore, going through a professional service makes this easier for you by providing automatic updates any time that new information is available regarding your claim. This includes all correspondence from the airline in response to your claim. You can rest easy knowing that as soon as something changes, you will be updated.

A Word of Caution

After submitting a flight delay claim form, there’s a good chance that the airline will reach out to you directly in an effort to offer a smaller compensation amount. Don’t be tricked by the offer of a faster resolution — this will make you unable to receive the full compensation you deserve and further complicate your case. Instead, have the airline contact Flight Claim and let us know regarding the situation.

Remember, while an airline may be willing to offer a refund for your tickets, they aren’t interested in paying additional compensation for your delayed or cancelled flight. Submitting your flight delay claim form through Flight Claim will simplify the entire claims process, allowing you to entrust the hard work to a professional, specialized team.

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